Private Lessons


Private lessons are held in the owner's home for convenience and can help with many issues.  

Cost: $105/hour within 30 miles of Day At The Bark.  

A .50/mile surcharge is added for every mile outside of normal training range.


Questions most often asked about private lessons are:

1.  How many lessons will I need to "fix" my dog?

Answer:  First of all, Day At The Bark sees no need to "fix" a dog.  What we do is evaluate the situation and bring solutions in order to develop a healthy, working bond between pet and owner.  Secondly, the number of lessons will vary with each dog and situation.  The first lesson is always 1.5 - 2 hours long, during which time, the trainer will gather in depth information and be able to give the owner a more detailed outline of what will need to be done and how long it could take to reach the end goal. 

2.  Does the whole family need to be here for the lessons?

Answer:  It is preferred that everyone attend, at least for the first lesson & evaluation. It is important that all family members are allowed input on how the dog's  behavior is impacting them and what they would like to have happen (yes, even the children). Family members are encouraged to attend all sessions, but it is not mandatory. 


3.  What do I need to buy before our first lesson?

Answer:  Absolutely nothing!  Most pet owners have already acquired incorrect equipment in an effort to curb their dogs behavior themselves.  The trainer will bring equipment to you as to evaluate what will work best and make sure equipment is correctly sized to the dog.  If you have already purchased training equipment prior to contacting Day At The Bark, please have it available for the trainer to assess on the first lesson.